We are a company with offices in Spain and China, with 7 years of experience in LED lighting systems.

We manufacture all kinds of LED lighting fixtures and accessories in China.

What we show in this web are the products with stock available in Europe being able, under order, to supply any other article that is requested. Ask us for information without obligation.

We have a clear mission: to provide a quality service to the professionals who bet on this more ecological and efficient technology.

Our extensive experience and professionalism, constant research in the field of energy efficiency, and the search for the best LED products allows us to offer the most innovative items always at the best price.

Our added value lies in our vision of the company, where customer service plays a key role. Not only are we available during the purchase process, but we also accompany the professional to assist him in any post-sales needs.

In our online store you will find the LED product you need, always with the most competitive price, certifications and 2 years warranty.

Thank you for trusting Facileds!